Gulf Tiger Karate recognizes that preschoolers and kindergarteners are at a critical age. They are likely just entering or in the beginning stages of school, so we focus on following directions at this age. Each little martial artist will also be developing motor skills, balance, coordination, discipline and respect while practicing basic kicks, punches, and self-defense moves. Our instructors will show each student how to complete each task, giving plenty of individual attention and positive reinforcement. Gulf Tiger Karate wants each child to be proud of their achievements when they leave our classes, motivated to apply their new skills at home and school.

Age Limit : Approximately 3 to 5 Years

Gulf Tiger Karate aims for each student to excel in their skills, potentially even participating in local, national or international competitions.With our teenage and adult students, we are really practice our creating Champions in Life philosophy. We love to see our older students continue with their skills into high school, college and their adult lives. It is not uncommon for our older students to work as instructors while they are in young adult transitions. At this point we hope to have instilled habits into our students that will prove beneficial in their careers. Some of these skills include focus, motivation, determination, goal-setting and leadership.

Age Limit : Approximately 13 Years and Older

Gulf Tiger Karate strongly believes in prioritizing the character development of our students along with the technical skills we teach them. While each of our classes instill respect, confidence, self-discipline and many other lifestyle choices into our students, our Character Development class is a sit-down, discussion based class focused on creating leaders and developing life skills. We have designed a specific curriculum that will not only give our students the skills to become our future generation leaders, but will show them the great advantage that leadership, sportsmanship, gratitude and charity work will give them to achieve their goals.

Age Limit : Junior Level and Above

Gulf Tiger Karate helps our students gain an overall confidence in what their body is capable of and what to do with it. Within our classes and with outside teams and groups, we work on agility, coordination, footwork, flexibility and many more skills that will apply to the other sports and activities each athlete is involved in. This multipurpose training unit was developed for the enlightment of attention and positive reinforcement. Each student can participate in our fitness training programs will walk away with improved athleticism that can be specifically applied to another sport or activity they are training for.

Age Limit : Junior Level and Above